The Cypriot High Commission London 2009

is a small architecturally driven multidisciplinary design & delivery organisation specialising in the design, project management, procurement and realisation of complex, high compliance architecture and engineering projects in infrastructure and related realms.

wpa represents a fusion of architectural, engineering and project management approaches utilising the strengths of individual disciplines to create a unique delivery environment resulting in best value delivery over a wide range of projects.

wpa understands the needs of the public and private sector client both from operational and governance angles as well business versus property solution perspectives; the incorporation of knowledge and expertise in the production of business cases, delivery methodologies, best value procurement approaches and assurance strategies allow a holistic view to be taken in partnership with the client from inception to post occupancy evaluation.

wpa exhibits core values in sustainable design; driving through green property solutions whilst making sure that green design & procurement strategies reflect a full comprehension of the entire design and construction process such that a ‘balanced view’ can be taken of all the contributory design factors. This ensures that key areas such as operational resilience and security are not compromised by design innovation.

wpa utilises the latest design approaches to develop bespoke architectural solutions and, at the larger scale of the city, is capable of deploying emerging urban design methodologies to ensure strategic urban design proposals meet local cultural, heritage and sustainable objectives whilst also securing functional targets such as those emerging from Local Development Frameworks.

wpa has significant experience in the delivery of high technology ‘security sensitive’ installations in Transport Infrastructure “command and control”, Data Centre and Diplomatic environments. The incorporation of security, risk, threat and vulnerability analyses comprise key elements within this field as does the ability to procure, manage & integrate specialist systems’ subcontractors and subconsultants.

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