We conceive, design and deliver projects that improve peoples’ lives.

We do it like this: we aim for a delivery environment which is rational and innovative, robust and elegant; we commence carefully and build with conviction; we tackle problems head on and think laterally; we deconstruct a brief and let a design emerge from close examination of the pieces; we don’t necessarily take ‘no’ for an answer; we believe the power of construction extends much further than the dimensions of individual buildings; we believe architecture and construction taken more generally is about making life better.

We believe that buildings should be characterised by simple powerful concepts emerging from their inception and delivery methodologies; that the idea should be an intelligent and logical response to site constraints, functionality, sense of place and the art and science of construction; and further that the power of that idea should be embedded in the built form. From this conceptual departure point, clients emerge with the buildings they need and society gets the architecture it deserves.

We believe, after Aldo Rossi, that the city is one of humanity’s most impressive and amazing cultural achievements. We also believe that cities are about connections, transport, communications, public spaces and delight. We believe in locating our buildings firmly into their spatial and cultural contexts – not through mere repetition of existing forms but as a considered response to function, site ecology, materiality, public/private amenity, scale, culture and manner of production.

We do not believe in the value of individual architectural styles or generic delivery methodologies; if we have a house style it is one of process, not of form. We are functionalists. We believe a good building is an expression of a clear and rational diagram founded in the core understanding of the site and the technical means of production and procurement. We are not swayed by the winds of fashion. We believe in the value of research. We believe in contemporary project management approaches for a changing world.