Klondyke House; Neasden Depot for London Underground Ltd

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By 2006 Neasden depot train crew facilities were close to life expired and over capacity creating potential IR issues for the underground railway.

The project involved the refurbishment and expansion of two existing structures which accommodated Booking-on, Managerial and administration accommodation, training and messing areas, computer rooms, as well as separate locker room facilities for men and women.

A fully functional modular train crew depot was required to be built (to London Underground’s rigorous Engineering Standards) to serve as live decant for the facility whilst the existing buildings were being stripped out and refitted.

The space was very tight, working in an around an operational depot and refurbishing electrical systems comprising part of the Permanent Way network.

The existing fabric was maintained and extended (with the addition of extra lightweight floors and cladding systems) and the entire asset brought up to current standards.

Klondyke House booking on point after IMG_0796
WPA provided Project Planning and Programme management services as well as architectural services and co-ordinated the inputs and outputs of the electrical and mechanical consulting engineers, cost consultants and structural engineers to handover.